WALLNITURE Floating Shelves Nursery Wall Mountable Book Display Ledges White Set of 4

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  • Sturdy Construction: The 17" set of 4 floating shelves can be staggered on the same wall or used in different rooms for an affordable and versatile solution to organizing more at once. Make your walls look decorative and chic for your kids to admire your work.
  • Lifetime Satisfaction: With the purchase of these wall mount picture ledges you know you're getting a high-quality product, it is made of MDF wood, built to last you a lifetime with satisfaction and style.
  • Perfect for Collector's: If your child loves collecting and has a vast variety of Funko Pop characters, Harry Potter figurines, bobble heads, action figures, and many more. These floating shelves are perfect for displaying just about anything in your kid's or nursery room.
  • Get More for Your Buck: By making your purchase today you get 4 solid shelves for a reasonable cost, spend your budget wisely because you can decorate every room in your home with these shelves.
  • Create a Reading Corner: With your child's favorite books always on display you will encourage your child to read, prepare your kid for school and motivate your child to be a productive student with these book ledges.

Product Description

Create a Marvelous Kids or Nursery Room Decoration with Your Child's Favorite Books, Mementos, Toys and Collectibles Beautifully Displayed on the Wall...

More Floor Space: Make room for your child to move around independently,
ditch the heavy and bulky bookcase solutions and use your walls more efficiently
to decorate and organize your nursery or kid's room.

Easy Installation: The wall mount kid's room shelves come fully assembled and ready to use,
just mount it with the screws and anchors included in the packaging
and begin organizing or decorating your child's room.

Kid Safe: Wall display ledges are solid and sturdy it will not fall and cause any hazards
for your child or baby, hang it low so your child can easily reach for books,
or hang it high for collectibles, photos and other things.

The Wall Mount Floating Shelves and Kid's Book Display Ledges Will Help You To:
Create a contemporary design in your nursery room, display books to encourage
early childhood reading, declutter your child's room and make it mess proof,
create a wall photo collage, or give your child's most treasured collectibles a home.

Material: MDF Wood
Color: White
Each Shelf's Dimensions: 17" x 2.3" x 3.7"

What is in the Package:
4 17" Kids' Room Floating Shelves and Mounting Hardware

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