Turn Drop Side Baby Crib Into a Fixed Side Crib-novice

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  • Turn Baby Crib into a Fixed Side Crib
  • Why throw out your good crib?
  • All Movable Cribs are banned from Selling in the United States
  • Re-use it-Sell it-We have the hardware

Product Description

This Kit is for Flex Knee Release with Plastic/Metal Hardware Set of 4 Hardware stores Do not carry these brackets Perfect fit Same thickness as inside rail To stabilize drop or fixed side of crib to sides Crib does not drop side anymore Used with Baby Cribs which have visible Drop side hardware Lift drop side to same level as stationary side Attach to inside bottom and inside top of drop side Done Fast economical solution THESE WILL FIT CONCORD, LUNA, CARA MIA, LITTLE ANGEL CRIBS & 95% OF ALL CRIBS ON THE MARKET ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER NOT MENTIONED ABOVE NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES MIGHT OCCUR THEREAFTER PRICE IS FOR SET OF 4 brackets 4 rubber washers 6 screws-SPACERS + INSTRUCTIONS Larger head screw and rubber washer go in the larger hole Make sure rail is fully up And attach brackets under drop side rail-bottom

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