Pillows for Sleeping, Registered with FDA Down Alternative Bed Pillow 2 Pack, Super Soft Plush Fiber Fill, Adjustable Loft, Relief for Neck Pain, Side Sleeper, Hypoallergenic by Sable, Queen Size

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  • Customizable Height Adjusts to You: Removable stuffing allows you to shape the size of the pillow to suit your fancy. Contains up to one fourth more filling than similar pillows so you get more to distribute and customize your bedding. Registered With The FDA As A Class 1 Medical Device.
  • Decorative & Breathable Cotton Cover: Wave patterned case with navy blue hem is made of 100% cotton and is aesthetically pleasant
  • Soft & Supportive for Comfort: Achieves a balance between fluffiness and firmness with specially treated rayon, whispering "Sweet Dreams" to you
  • Respect Your Sensitivity: Both filling and cover are treated with hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties for users' health
  • No Hassle with Easy Care: Accommodates time and energy saving needs with ability to be machine washed and tumble dried

Product Description

Lifetime Warranty- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
What's In The Box
2 x Sable Adjustable Bed Pillows (Model: SA-BD013)

Customizable Height Adjusts to You
A good night's sleep is vital to us all. And a nice pillow is the key to that. But we are all different in sizes, sleeping positions, and preferences. The Sable SA-BD013 Adjustable Pillow respects individualism by allowing users to customize the height. Just slide open the zipper, and add or remove the filling to fit your style.

Decorative & Breathable Cotton Cover
The stuffing shouldn't be the only concern to users. With Sable's attention to details, a 100% cotton cover of finely knitted wave pattern is designed to pair with the amazing filling. It stays breathable and cool and with the navy blue hem detail the pillow makes for charming decoration to your bedroom.

Soft & Supportive for Comfort
When it comes to density, the Sable Customized Loft really does the trick. Its perfect balance between softness and firmness attributes to the specially treated rayon inside. The pillow is neither hard like a brick nor too soft that your head keeps sinking in with no support so that you can wake up every morning fully rested without neck strain.

Respect Your Sensitivity
A pillow is an everyday necessity and is in direct contact with your skin. For anyone with an allergic condition, choosing the wrong pillow is not only an expensive mistake but could be a serious health risk. Sable strives to not only provide comfort but also safer usability - both the filling and the pillow case are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, offering protection against allergens.

No Hassle with Easy Care
It also aims to provide you the maximum convenience with the ability to be machine washed and tumble dried. Toss it into the washing machine and you will get a pillow as good as new.

Product Detail

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