Adjustable Kneeling Chair, Superjare Ergonomic Working Stool W/ 4” Cushion For Office Or Home – Ideal For Neck, Spine, Back Problems


  • ABANDON YOUR OLD OFFICE CHAIR ONCE & FOR ALL - The moment you try your new kneeling chair, you will realize what hundreds of people have realized before you; there can be no comparison between the two. No more slumping or hunching; now you can work, play, or craft at the best possible position and correct posture!
  • RELAX YOUR MUSCLES & ALLEVIATE BACK PAIN - Efficiently support your knees, back, neck, hips, and spine. The 4" thick cushions are neither too firm nor too soft, in order to offer you perfect support without compromising your comfort!
  • ADJUST IT ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS & BODY - An adjustable height and 6 pairs of mounting holes allow you to adjust the distance between the kneeling pad and sitting pad according to your height (see chart 3), ensuring that you will find the position that best suits your body type! Suitable for person from 3'11" to 6'7"
  • STURDY & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Our premium quality kneeling chair was specially designed in order to help as many people as possible. Hence, it has an incredible capacity of holding up to 250 lbs, and four durable wheels; ideal for men, women, and teenagers!
  • OFFER A GIFT NO OTHER - Instead of your plain old usual birthday or Christmas presents, you can now offer your friends or family something different. A gift that shows how much you care - because what can be more endearing and thoughtful than offering your loved ones an item that will greatly benefit their health?

Product Description

How The Kneeling Chair Works?

With the kneeling chair you are positioned upright and leaning forward, which helps keep your back upright and correct, it does put pressure on your shins/knees which overtime gets uncomfortable, takes some time getting used to it. Please feel confident that this will provide ongoing relief for your back. By placing a small and thin pillow on the kneeling pad will also fix this issue.

Reduce Back, Neck, Hips & Knee Pain Thanks To This Fantastic Kneeling Chair Brought To You By Superjare!

Are you working long hours in front of your desktop and feel that your current office chair doesn't adequately support your spine?

Do you have arthritis, myalgia or lower back problems and need a way to alleviate pain?

Would you opt for a convenient chair alternative that won't cost you an arm and a leg?

If you are nodding affirmatively, we are happy to tell you that Superjare has exactly the thing you need!

Made from high-end quality materials, and boasting unique features such as 4" thick cushion padding and full adjustability, this superior kneeling stool is here to make your life a lot easier!

A Piece Of Cake To Make, A Breeze To Adjust!

Who has hours and hours to spend in order to assemble and properly set up their new chair? Hence we did our best in order to make assembling your new chair as easy as possible!

Plus, we have integrated a slew of ergonomic, innovative features which ensure that you are perfectly comfortable, regardless of how many hours you're sitting on it!

The six mounting holes, bring your kneeling pad and sitting pad closer (or apart!), according to your height. The reinforced, 4" thick cushion padding is firm and sturdy, fully supporting you. And the fact that our chair can hold up to 250 pounds means that pretty much anyone can use it!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Get Your Own Sitting Stool Today!

Product Detail

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